Useful Links

12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Interested to see how green your lab is? Check out this Green Lab Checklist!

Beyond Benign: Green Chemistry Education for K-12 and University Educators

Practical Sustainability in the Lab

Sustainable Solvent Selection Guide

Hazardous Waste Disposal at UBC

UBC Environmental Management

A Guide to Green Chemistry Experiments for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Labs

From Lobster Shells to Plastic Objects: A Bioplastics Activity

Previous ChipChat Green Chemistry Discussions

In the past, GreenChem UBC has run ChipChats – a bimonthly meetup where we chat about green chemistry (recently published papers, publications and news) while eating chips – don’t worry, we have more healthy, green food as well! Currently we are not running these meetings, but links to previous discussions can be found below for anyone interested.

Solar-energy driven bioethanol production

GreenChem and the ocean-based biorefinery

GreenChem with nanocatalysts

Metal recovery through phytomining

Green alternatives to chromium tanning

Green Chemistry Journals