About Us

Established in June 2016, GreenChemUBC (GCU) is a student-founded and student-run organization. Through seminars, workshops, and networking, GreenChemUBC strives to educate scientists and engineers about important green chemistry concepts that are relevant to chemical research and the community at large.

Since June 2016, the GCU has introduced two successful initiatives to the Chemistry department at UBC: Coffee-Time Trivia where every week conversations are started around a particular sustainable science idea and prizes given out; and the Chip-Chat Journal Club where innovative green research is discussed and critiqued in-depth.

In the coming year the GCU aims to host a seminar series on Life-Cycle Analysis and other useful assessment tools. As well as this, we aim to begin a waste-awareness campaign intended to get researchers thinking about how their work can be altered to reduce potential ecological harm. Further, the GCU intends to drive the development of a recycling campaign and the addition of green chemistry into undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Going forward GreenChem UBC is excited to continue promoting sustainable chemistry through education and awareness.

See below for our guiding constitution and goals

GreenChemUBC Constitution

Goals for GreenChem UBC (Sept2016)