GreenChem UBC is back with something new and exciting! This halloween, join us in our quest through our next event: HallowGreen (see poster attached). Here are the details:

What: It is an escape room style event where teams of 5 will compete for solving a set of puzzles and tasks in minimum time (maximum time allotted per team is 45 min, excluding 15 min setup and orientation time). The clues would touch on some green chemistry topics and you will be at an advantage if you have participated in any of our events before (https://green.chem.ubc.ca/news-and-events/), but the participants are not expected to have hardcore knowledge in the field. The winning team will receive a prize worth $100!!

When and where: Friday, Nov. 3rd (one hour time slots between 10 AM-8 PM), Grad lounge (D211)

How: Register as a team or individual for a one-hour time slot between 10 AM to 8 PM to save a spot (find google sheet link below), and then buy your tickets ($3 per person, starting Oct 27th) from one of our executive members (see list below) BY NEXT THURSDAY. You will not be allowed to enter without a ticket regardless of whether or not you have filled the google sheet!

Google Sheet link:

List of executive members to contact for tickets:

1. Namrata Jain: MSL 263, Ph: 778-319-8194 email: njain9@msl.ubc.ca
2. Crystal Geng: A220, Ph: 604-355-8516, email: ojg36@chem.ubc.ca
3. Dagny Ullman: D231, Ph: 604-442-5919, email: dullmann@chem.ubc.ca
4. Mo Chaudhry: E413, Ph: 647-710-9675, email: mtchaud@chem.ubc.ca
5. Kyle Thompson: D417, Ph: 519-872-5967, email: kthompson@chem.ubc.ca

Thank you and hope you can participate!