Sustainable Science Seminar Series – Tony Bi, CHBE UBC

In a continuing effort to raise awareness of Green Chemistry principles through education and community engagement, we are inviting you to the first talk in our Sustainable Science Seminar series.

In this series, we will bring to you a variety of researchers who are investigating a range of out-of-the-box solutions to our ecological issues. These sessions will be a great opportunity to hear and discuss imaginative research within the realm of sustainable science!

Our first session will be next Thursday, Feb 2nd at 1pm in D213. We will be hearing from Professor Xiaotao (Tony) Bi from Chemical and Biological Engineering here at UBC. You can find the abstract for his talk below.

Green engineering represents a paradigm shift in waste management from end-of-pipe treatment to source reduction. One of the key principles in green engineering is life cycle thinking, which is applied to identify the “hot-spots” of a product or process over the whole life cycle so that changes can be made to improve the greenness and cleanness of the product and process. This talk will discuss the relationship between green engineering and sustainable development, and examine several chemical and energy systems using life cycle analysis to identify major issues for future improvements.

We look forward to seeing you there!